Why do people commit mass murder?

When you read about terrorists killing people on mass and their names being linked to extremism you still question how anyone could do it – take innocent people’s lives.

On the BBC Frank Gardner looks into why people go about committing mass killings and attempts to find out whether they have anything in common.

A forensic psychoanalyst believes the clues are all in their dysfunctional backgrounds.

“It is a psychiatric problem,” he says, “and such planning [as the Nice or Munich attacks] indicates a disordered personality. With such premeditation there is a desire to enact a form of revenge, and with such intent on causing major terror.” Yet there are a large number of people with these psychiatric disorders but only a few of them go on to do mass killings. Peter Aylward goes on to explain that there are many small particulars that have to be present and when all in place – the lock opens and people find no problem in killing large numbers of innocent people.

Perhaps this will help us all get our heads round these atrocious acts of terrorism.

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