Great British Bake Off Winner Suffers Islamophobia Abuse


Nadiya Hussain won the Great British Bake Off TV show in 2015 and won acclaim for her amazing bakes and her will-power. Her winners speech had most people in tears: youtube.

For the last year though she has been telling us about what it’s like being a Muslim woman living in Britain and sadly for us, quite a lot of it has been pretty awful. She said she’s  been “shoved, pushed and verbally abused” and that it had become “part of her life” as a Muslim in Britain. Lots of news websites have reported the story over the last twelve months: The International Business Times,  The Metro, The Daily Mail, and The BBC.  It is also interesting hearing her being interviewed on Loose Women too, both talking about the abuse she’s received social media and about her arranged marriage.

When looking at prejudice like racism, sexism, homophobia and islamophobia in a society people often want to know if things are getting worse and statistics are used, with varying success, to give a picture of whether there are more or less cases of prejudicial activity in the UK.

The anti-Muslim hate monitoring group Tell MAMA reported that there was a 326 per cent increase in Islamophobic incidents in 2015 – and then warned that Brexit in June 2016 could make it worse. The Independent reported that there has been an explosion of racial hatred, often after terrorist attacks around the world, but also exasperated by the sentiments some people associated with the UK voting to leave the European Union. Tell MAMA is an independent, non-governmental organisation that is pushing for people to report Islamophobia against them so that the crimes can be tracked and analysed. All the knowledge gained from this will then assist Muslim groups when they meet and work with the government and police to stop such racism.

The Muslim Council of Britain are also urging people not to suffer prejudice in silence and asking them to report their unjust treatment, whether it be to the police, Tell MAMA or the Council itself.

2 thoughts on “Great British Bake Off Winner Suffers Islamophobia Abuse

  1. I think it is wrong to judge someone by the race, sex or religion they are from because everyone has equal rights, everyone is the same. People should be treated fairly and respectfully.


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