James Corden speaks about his loss of faith

James Corden has become quite a hit Stateside with his hosting of the Late Late Show and unforgettable turns in the car with Carpool Karaoke.

adelegwen stefaniselena gomez

In an interview with comedian John Bishop, due to be broadcast on W on September 1st at 9pm, he explains that even though he grew up a Christian he now no longer believes in God.

In the Daily Mail parts of that TV interview are reported with James Corden saying, ‘When you ask me what are my beliefs I really struggle because you can’t argue with science, only a mad man would. There’s a great saying that it’s not the stuff you know that will undo you, it’s the stuff you think you know that just ain’t so. I feel like that about faith, I really don’t know.’

Despite saying he was a ‘spiritualist’ he said he ‘would never go as far as say I am a Christian’. His family are part of the Salvation Army which is an international charitable organisation and Christian church derived from Methodism. A National Geographic documentary on YouTube explains how the church grew up and what it’s like today.


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