9/11 Anniversary Brings New Stories

With the 9/11 Anniversary just a day away there will be numerous stories and memories in the media over the upcoming days.

Today we read about the F-16 pilot who was told to intercept Flight 93 as it was heading seemingly straight to Washington. With no missiles on board the only way she would be able to bring down that flight, on its suicide mission, was to fly straight into it. The only reason she is here alive today is that the passengers of Flight 93 brought down the plane in Pennslyvania to stop more severe carnage.

“The real heroes are the passengers on Flight 93 who were willing to sacrifice themselves,” Penney the F-16 pilot says. “I was just an accidental witness to history.”

There is a film about Flight 93 which even though you’ll know the storyline still has enough depth to make it an interesting watch. Another interesting perspective of 9/11 comes from a retired New York policeman who writes about what he saw on that day and how he fears another attack.


14 thoughts on “9/11 Anniversary Brings New Stories

  1. I feel that this was a tragic event and it should be remembered and not forgotten. I have never heard about flight 93,as it was heroic what the pilot and passengers did to save others.


  2. I feel this was a tragic event and has effected a lot of people all over the world. there are people who think that there was a different story behind it and there are plenty of documentaries on many different theories.


  3. This website has some really good information on 9/11 and how the passengers of flight F-16 helped save the pilot. it is a really good source for key facts on anything to do with RE and Pshce.


  4. It is remarkable that this is not more publicly spoken about, those passengers were willing to sacrifice everything for their fellow humans, shows how good people can really be and I hope the men and women who sacrificed everything for their fellow man get the praise and recognition they deserve!


  5. This is one of the most saddest things that has ever happened in the world I think and it is very heart breaking. But I think it is an amazing thing to do by making programmes about what happened and that they go more in depth about it. I didn’t know about flight 93 so I think it’s a good thing that they have made a film about it so people can really understand what happened on that awful day.


  6. i think that this is a very touchy subject to look back on but i would like to learn more about it because i don’t know that much. i think having the memorial is a great idea to have so we can remember all the people that died that day and the families that lost their loved ones.


  7. This was a horrific tradgedy, I knew about 9/11 but have never been told about the flight 93, I am suprised I have not seen anything about it on the media as it was heroic what the passengers and pilot did to save others


  8. The people on the flight made a hard choice so I think it’s fair we remember them as well as the other 3,00 people who were lost that day


  9. I personally think this is a serious topic but very controversial as there is lots of evidence towards a government conspiracy. If this turns out to be true then it is very sad that 3000 innocent people had to perish because someone wanted a reason to attack the middle east


  10. Personally, i think having a 9/11 memorial is a nice idea to remember those who died in the event and how much those family members meant to their family. The memorials are for those 3,000 people who were killed and family who had to fight through the terrifying situation.


  11. This is a very touching subject to talk about and it can also worry other people of young people and adults as it could happen again, it was a very sad and scary time for families In America and I strongly feel sorry for them.


  12. this is a sad topic but it needs to be brought up so we don’t forget it Is also a shame this story isn’t covered as much because I have not heard much about flight 93 before


  13. This is a very scary subject to talk about as you don’t know when it can happen again and also lots of people died because of this which can be sad for the family members.


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