Charlie Hebdo in the news again


You may have heard of Charlie Hebdo which is a satirical magazine with cartoons which mock politics, news and religion. In January 2015 it suffered a terrorist attack on its Paris offices in response to its publication of cartoons showing the prophet Muhammad.

It is in the news again today for a cartoon it published after the recent Italian earthquake. Charlie Hebdo’s controversial cartoon, titled “earthquake Italian style”, showed a bloody man described as penne tomato sauce, an injured woman as penne gratinee, and bodies stacked between layers of rubble as lasagne. Do you think the cartoon is acceptable or a step too far and offensive?

Well Amatrice, an Italian village which was flattened by the August earthquake has decided to sue the magazine with a local government officially saying the cartoons are “a macabre, senseless and absurd insult to the victims”.



3 thoughts on “Charlie Hebdo in the news again

  1. I think the Charlie Hedbo is seen as racist and incredibly discriminating by the majority of its wide audience, however it is aimed at a niche audience who appreciate dark humour, and the negative attention is probably not what the Charlie Hedbo idealise. The jokes they create and publicise are to entertain specific groups people and if they don’t entertain others then others should not give any attention to it. Everyone has likes, dislikes and diverse beliefs and that’s natural, however if you believe something is wrong, you don’t then have the right to inflict that upon others.


  2. I think that the Charlie Hedbo are only being controversial just to get in the news and to advertise their company. And by being controversial they are annoying religious extremists and are basically antagonising until they react and when they do they are getting the response they want from them. Then they use the retaliation as an excuse for them to continue and for a reason to setup their racism.


  3. That kind of controversial acts and work will always have people who will protect their religion, government etc. from any insult or different opinion, and some who can understand that everybody has the right to say some words about some subjects.
    In my opinion Charlie Hebdo’s cartoon is aimed at people who like or at least understand dark humour. If some think that this is unacceptable there is one solution – don’t read that magazine.


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