Some Video Revision for the old AQA GCSE

If you are currently in Year 11 and studying AQA Religious Studies then we’re going to call your GCSE next summer the old AQA exam. This is simply because the new AQA GCSE was accredited in spring 2016 and has just started to be taught to Year 10 students. The content of the old AQA is a lot simpler and there’s less of it, so we expect you to have an easier time studying Religious Studies than the Year 10 students who’ve got a lot more religious teachings to grapple with. We can’t take our feet off the accelerator though as we don’t have many lessons to learn the course and we want to better the 2016 results by at least 10%.

So here are some video playlists which might start to help you revise:

Slightly different but still useful if you are planning to refer to Christianity (all of you) and Islam (some of you) in your old AQA exam…

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