Common Ground between Abrahamic Faiths

Two friends, a Muslim and Christian, have written a new translation of the Qur’an to show the common ground between Islam and Christianity. The book has a split page format and shows some 3,000 similarities between the two faiths. Jesus, know as Esa in the Qur’an, is mentioned 400 times.


The book is available on Amazon at £17 for a Kindle copy and £32 for a paperback. The Amazon page reads: Drs. Kaskas’ and Hungerford’s underlying motivation for the translation and inclusion of the extensive footnotes are not intended to promote a particular school of Islam or Christian apologetics. These exist in abundance. Their goal is to build bridges of better understanding, undermine radicalism and enlighten ignorance. This powerful instrument offers Muslims and Christians a fresh insight on the “straight path” to reconciling with God and man; sorely needed and missing from other translations. 

The two authors are part of an organisation called Bridges To Common Ground which promote faith comparisons and work towards a world of better understanding.

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