US have the money to fight climate change but they’re spending it on defence.

Stopping one fighter plane program would save enough to build wind farms to power 320,000 homes. Journalist Kenneth Pennington from the Guardian believes the US could easily tackle climate change if they spent less on traditional defence.

The article in the Guardian points out that CIA analysts have rightfully named climate change as as a contributor to refugee flows, the spread of disease, and conflicts over basic resources like food and water. In fact in 2014, 17.5 million people were displaced by climate-related disasters. Stop climate change causing so many problems and we’ll have less world problems like refugees, disease and conflict.

Before Hillary Clinton was chosen as the Democratic presidential candidate in the US, she was competing with Bernie Sanders for that democratic position. Bernie has spoken loudly about his desire to bring climate change issues to the forefront of politics: both in debates with Hillary and whilst speaking in the Senate.


There is a brilliant retro Bitesize Science video  which you can watch on YouTube all about changes to the earth and atmosphere, which is the best I’ve seen for explaining greenhouse gases. BBC World have a short video about climate change which discusses how India is a country which will be hugely affected by climate change.

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