Suffering is part of glory


“Suffering is part of glory”, says a Spanish bullfighter who after losing an eye in a 2011 bullfight has been gored again. The one eyed matador is known as the Pirate and is famous all over Spain. In an interview with GQ in 2012 he said, “I have always known, as a Christian, that suffering is a part of glory. I have had many important afternoons with the bulls, many triumphs, and I have suffered many wounds. This is a part of bullfighting; its other face.”


What do you think of bullfighting? A short but quite wordy article about Spanish bullfighting weighs up both sides of the argument, and the Guardian in 2015 tried to weigh up the pros and cons too.

Do countries allow more freedom to religion than they do freedom of tradition? An article about bullfighting stated: Some people agree that tradition cannot justify animal suffering but they change their mind when it comes to religion. For instance, certain practices like Shechita and  Dhabiha, the kind of animal slaughtering practiced by Jewish and Muslims respectively, are legal in Spain and the majority of European countries. These techniques cause unnecessary suffering to animals but they are allowed in the name of “freedom of religion”. Shouldn’t “freedom of tradition” be equally protected? The British don’t think so. Recently they banned the horrible tradition of “fox haunting” but they allow Jewish and Muslim slaughtering despite several reports by experts against both practices. In what way can we say that religion has a superior legitimizing force? Often people answer this question by saying that religion defines personal identity and expresses very important values. So does tradition…”

Shechita is the Jewish religious and humane method of slaughtering permitted animals and poultry for food. It is the only method of producing kosher meat and poultry allowed by Jewish law.

Dhabihah is, in Islamic law, the prescribed method of ritual slaughter of all lawful halal animals (goats, sheep, cows, chicken) excluding locusts, fish, and most sea-life.

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