Oomph to Your RS Exam Answers

Sometimes we need to do more than simply learn the basics about a religion and talk our way around a tricky exam question. In class we’ve been trying to use religious quotes from Christianity to both support our answers and provide some structure to our religious arguments. We’ve used a quotes-to-add-oomph booklet with some generic up your sleeve Christian quotes which we can use repeatedly throughout the paper as well as some specific quotes to the different parts of the course.

oomphThe next step from adding oomph to our answers with Christian quotes is to begin adding more depth to our answers with other religious perspectives. Following on from Year 10 learning which appeared to focus on Buddhism here’s the next booklet in the Adding Oomph to our answers series – quotes-to-add-oomph-budd.buddhism-for-you-lesson-07noble-eightfold-path-2-728


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