AS Religious Studies Revision for Ethics

It is quite hard to find appropriate past exam questions for you to have a peek at, so the ones included below are useful but the marks per question are slightly different to what WJEC currently use on the legacy paper (part ‘a’ will be 30 marks and part ‘b’ will be 15 marks for you next summer).

  1. natural-law
  2. utilitarianism-and-embryo-ivf
  3. christian-ethics-and-situation-ethics

More relevant to the WJEC course is a list of previous exam questions for the Ethics paper… as-ethics-past-paper-qs … I wonder which exam paper we’ll do for the Mock?!

I really like the following flow chart revision pages for the main points from the Ethics paper:

Penultimate item for today; we have some ethics revision worksheets: ethics-summary-sheets. I have left the last few pages which ethical issues such as abortion and euthanasia as you’ll need to refer to ethical issues when judging the success of ethical arguments. Moreover by know those issues at AS level you’ll surely blast the GCSE out of the water!

Last but not least we have a page of the YouTube clips we used in our RE Ethics lessons in September and October. They might be a starting point for your own YouTube aided study.ethics-youtube-clips-for-class

Happy revising!

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