Social Media is a Minefield

There is an interesting story by the BBC about how social media photographs of girls or women which in the West might be completely common place would in other parts of the world be deemed highly inappropriate and could result in harsh repercussions.

All of this makes you wonder about social media decorum here in Britain and how to stay safe. The BBC has a WebWise page with an eye opening video showing a mum and daughter hearing from an online security expert. He had never met them before but just by researching them online knew a whole lot of personal information!



2 thoughts on “Social Media is a Minefield

  1. I think that this article is good as it shows how social media effects different people depending on where in the world you live. It also informs you of somewhere to go to get advice from an online security expert.


  2. This was good because it showed different aspects of how social media is viewed in other peoples eyes. It also shows the positives and negatives of social media.


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