Similar Uniforms: We Refuse to Compare


This photograph of an 18 year old Johannesburg student has just won a prestigious photography award. Part of a series of photographs entitled Similar Uniforms: We Refuse to Compare, the photographer Claudio Rasano explores whether individuality can be preserved when school uniforms are worn.

Before the ceremony to collect his prize for the Taylor Wessing Portrait Competition Rasano explained the issues he was interested in. “Children themselves have been known to rebel against uniforms,” he said, “especially as they approach the awkward age characterised by the need to fit in and the desire to stand out, all at the same time. Some experts too have spoken against school uniforms on the grounds that they suppress individuality and diversity.”

You can Rasano’s portraits and other shortlisted pieces of work at the London National Portrait Gallery until 26th February.

One thought on “Similar Uniforms: We Refuse to Compare

  1. I agree with Rasano’s ideas about uniforms and how they can make people fit in and not show their individual dress style. However not wearing a uniform can also show if someone is poor or rich, and that can be problematic. Our individuality is expressed by what we wear, but it’s also an attitude and how we feel about ourselves, that can show up in the way we communicate. Shy people will not want to bring attention to themselves, people who are insecure or who have low self worth will be happy to blend into a ‘uniformed’ crowd, rather than standing out wearing something different to other people.


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