Turkey Planning to Reintroduce the Death Penalty

Turkey is trying to join the EU, however since last summer’s uprising by groups in the military they have said they are going to re-introduce the death penalty which should automatically bar them from joining.

Wading into the debate is the British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson who told the room of EU Foreign Ministers that some EU states had previously taken time to abolish the death penalty in the 1980s and 1990s – and that this had no been an automatic bar on membership.

These comments might sound a bit whiffy considering Johnson used to complain about Turkey joining the EU and often used it as a strong reason for Britain leaving the European Union. Now he’s saying that Turkey should be allowed to join even if it’s planning to start the death penalty again. The answer for this turnaround might lie in Turkey’s important position in regional conflicts like Syria and the fight against ISIS. Politics, eh!


You can investigate whether it is ever morally acceptable to have the death penalty on a BBC Ethics guide to the topic. Moreover the BBC also has Christian opinions on the topic in its GCSE Bitesize pages. On BBC Three they have a 28 minute documentary called Death Row and Forgiveness which has some upsetting scenes. If you are more interested in History, the BBC made a documentary called the History of Capital Punishment which has an interesting perspective.


6 thoughts on “Turkey Planning to Reintroduce the Death Penalty

  1. I do not think that any country should have the death penalty and that it should not be reintroduced in Turkey as by killing a criminal, you are becoming as bad as them. Also, they deserve to punished rather than just killed. I do not think that Turkey should be allowed in the EU if they reintroducing the death penalty.


  2. I think it is ridiculous that Turkey want to join the EU with this death sentence when pretty much all the members oppose it.


  3. In my opinion the death sentence should not be re-introduced because it is wrong to kill no matter what crime they have committed. Life imprisonment is a better punishment because it isolates them and makes them think about what they have done. It also protects the public from danger.


  4. I don’t think the death penalty should be re-introduced because everyone has the right to live which is one of the human rights. You have to also think about the families of the victims and how that would affect many other people. I also think it is the quick way out, if someone has committed a crime they should have to be punished not just get killed as then they don’t have to reflect and have time to feel guilty.


  5. They shouldn’t reintroduce the death penalty because when you kill someone it’s not only their life you affect, it’s their families and friends lives as well. Therefore they may want revenge, this means they could do bad things as well. Moreover life in prison is already a bad enough punishment. The only negative thing about locking them up is on average it costs the government £30,000 a year to keep someone in prison but compared to the value of life it’s nothing.


  6. They should not reintroduce the death penalty; killing is wrong. They tell us that it’s wrong yet they have the death penalty and they are killing. They may have done something bad but just lock them up instead.


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