Pope Francis “Abortion is a Grave Sin”

For most of 2016 the Vatican has had a Jubilee year which has been known as the Holy Year of Mercy. Pope Francis, leader of the Catholic Church, has done lots of different things to spread forgiveness. One big events has been that he’s allowed all priests to forgive women for having abortions. Well today in an apostolic letter he extended this ability to forgive.

The 79-year-old Argentine said he wanted to “restate as firmly as I can that abortion is a grave sin, since it puts an end to an innocent life”, but “there is no sin that God’s mercy cannot reach and wipe away when it finds a repentant heart seeking to be reconciled with [God]”.

In our GCSE classes we’ve learnt about repentance – when you fully ask for forgiveness and promise to do everything in your power to not make the same mistake again.

2 thoughts on “Pope Francis “Abortion is a Grave Sin”

  1. I think it’s the parents choice if they want the child or not because if they are not ready then you can’t force them to be parents. I think it’s a good thing that the Pope will allow forgiveness for abortion if the woman is sorry. Sometimes it’s not the mother’s fault if she gets pregnant.


  2. Abortion is the parents right to chose because if a woman were raped I don’t think she would want the child


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