UN Global Commission on Drug Policy

The United Nation’s Global Commission on Drug Policy has just released its annual report which states that civil and criminal punishments for drug use and possession should be abolished.

The former Swiss president and chair of the commission, Ruth Dreifuss, told the Guardian: “Politicians should show and prove to the people that what they are doing is to save the lives of these people and bring them to the health services they need to avoid overdoses and to create a climate so when these people are in need, they are able to find help.”

The report explains that even though most of the world has punitive harsh measures to try and deter people taking drugs the world has actually seen a 33% increase in the number of 15-64 year olds taking drugs in the last twelve months in the time period 2003-2014.

Do you think Britain should decriminalise drug taking and possession? Or do we need strict laws on drugs for the protection of British citizens?

5 thoughts on “UN Global Commission on Drug Policy

  1. There is no justification to criminalise drug users. Decriminalise use, start to take the market out of criminal hands and into safer regulation models.


    • Recently walking through Woking on a Saturday I have also been shocked at the number of people who are either drunk or high on drugs. What can society and the community do to help these people and certainly protect people who go in to Woking with their families? I don’t like taking my family into town if there are people walking in zigzags and shouting abuse at people.


  2. I have had a clear understanding about Christmas and how there are different ways of celebrating it on different days of the years, and everyone will have different traditions on Christmas. Each culture and religion have different festivals for Christmas, and can all believe in different things without being judged by people in other religions.


    • That’s great Suzanne that you’ve done your Christmas and Easter festival homework, but that should just be recorded in your exercise book. On here you should read an article of your choice and comment on it. Do you agree/ disagree? Sympathise or dislike an action? What have you learnt from reading?


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