Cadbury’s Drop Fairtrade

Cadbury the well known chocolate manufacturer is stopping the use of Fairtrade certification and is going it alone with Cocoa Life, its own fairtrade scheme. Could this mean that other food companies drift away from the well-know Fairtrade certificate, possibly making it more confusing for consumers to work out how ethical their food is?

Cadburys Dairy Milk Fair Trade chocolate bars  - 14 Jul 2009

Cadbury’s don’t think so. They believe that the cocoa trade should focus on being sustainable which is more than just thinking about price, “The next generation of farmers aren’t taking on cocoa farming like they used to because it is so unprofitable, so we have to make sure their communities thrive and this means investing more in their communities,” said Cadbury’s parent company Mondelez. In fact Fairtrade agrees with him and will be working with Cadbury’s Cocoa Life scheme to make sure the cocoa farmers still receive a fair trade.

2 thoughts on “Cadbury’s Drop Fairtrade

  1. Initially, I was under the impression that this change was to be negative. However, after some research into the company cocoa life, Cadbury has not disregarded the importance of fair trade and the fight for justice for disadvantaged producers in developing countries. Instead this is a commitment to help more cocoa farmers, their families and their communities and secure the long-term future of cocoa farming communities. Therefore, Cadbury is still supporting fair trade, regardless of the scheme it is endorsing and directly working with.


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