Wedding Bells

The great thing about the first topic being studied by Year 10 this half-term is that examples of the nature and purpose of marriage are all around us to learn from. Next time there is an article about weddings and marriage in the news, or a scene which you read or watch, or a family wedding you’ve got to attend – concentrate – and mentally note down what happens, what gets said, who does what and why. Bingo you’ll be learning more for your RS GCSE!


Margot Robbie above with her new husband Tom Ackerley

Over the Christmas holidays Margot Robbie’s wedding to Tom Ackerley made the news pages: The Daily Telegraph reported how she fed the guests pizza and Coco Pops; The Sun explained how she’d tied the knot in Australia; BBC Three stuck to mostly photographs in their report; and the Daily Mail reckoned that all the guests received tattoos!

The plan to get married often starts with an engagement…


…yet how the marriage will look can vary tremendously. As our Year 10s have been planning possible weddings between celebrities, someone mentioned their love of this YouTube video of Jess and Gabriel’s wedding:


Is there a better video or film clip you’d recommend for us to watch to understand marriage and weddings?


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