Life must mean life

The 2016 AQA Religious Studies Morality paper had a question asking students whether criminals who receive a life sentence should stay in prison for their whole life. Students exam answers gave both points of view and then arrived at a conclusion which showed the students’ point of view. Well today in the news European judges have agreed that British courts can give prison sentences which say ‘life means life’ for the most disgusting crimes, such as mass murder.

Life should mean life – it protects the rest of the society from a dangerous criminal; a harsh sentence will deter other from committing a similar crime; it is retribution for the victim and victim’s family that the criminal loses their freedom forever; the Christian ideas of an eye for eye, tooth for tooth from the Old Testament implies an evil act should be met with a hard punishment.

Criminals should be released eventually – there should be the opportunity for reform; some Christians think that only God will judge our sins like in the Parable of the Sheep and the Goats; Christians believe that Jesus taught forgiveness by dying on the cross so everyone’s sins are forgiven; “forgive them father for they know not what they do” is a key quote from the Bible which shows that people are sinful due to their free will and so should be forgiven (which Lauren Hill sang about); and the old favourite from the Parable of the Good Samaritan “love thy neighbour”!


3 thoughts on “Life must mean life

  1. I think that it simply wrong to kill another human being, and there should never be any excuse for this kind of action. The victim did have a family who loved him/her and so the criminal has to forever live with the guilt of the pain they’ve caused to the loved ones of the victim. I think that the true punishment that the criminal will have to live for, for the rest of their lives, is the guilt they will forever feel and never forget.


  2. I disagree with this piece as although the criminal did a bad thing such as murder we should not kill them for it. I believe this because the government says do not kill another human so why should they do it to someone who has; it is being hypocritical. Also if you find out you killed the wrong person in the future there is no way to turn back the clock and allow them the freedom and justice they deserve. However I do believe for most other crimes their punishment should reflect what they have done.


  3. This is a great piece because it shows clearly that people should get what they deserve such as community service for vandalism or death row for mass murder


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