A sad story of a wife’s wish for her husband to be allowed to die

For 18 months PC Paul Briggs was in a minimally conscious state after a crash on his way to work.  PC Briggs, from Wirral, suffered a bleed on the brain and five fractures in his spine in the collision and was kept alive through medical intervention. His wife Lindsey Briggs told the Court of Protection in December her husband’s treatment should be stopped “given his previously expressed wishes” and he should be allowed to die. She was forced to go to court because the doctors treating him at the Walton Centre in Liverpool opposed the application to withdraw treatment.

Well in December a judge ruled in December that Gulf War veteran PC Briggs should go on to a palliative care regime at a hospice. This weekend he passed away, leaving the family devastated.


A BBC video lasting just under 6 minutes explores some opposing views about euthanasia held by two Christians, whereas a BBC ethics page discusses this ethical dilemma and gives you the opportunity to see what different faiths think too.

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