Hollywood Relationship Myths You Should Ignore

If you believe everything you see in Hollywood films, you will have a very distorted and mostly untrue perception of relationships and love.

To help you steer clear of believing such myths this article from the Independent will slam each myth one by one:

  • myth: relationships are always perfect
  • myth: you have to change your appearance to find love
  • myth: relationships don’t require work
  • myth: ‘the one’


One thought on “Hollywood Relationship Myths You Should Ignore

  1. I do agree with the fact that these statements are just myths and aren’t really true. Because no relationship is perfect really. There will be times where a couple will argue an disagree over situations and problems in their relationships. Cause everyone is different and everyone has their own opinions and ways of dealing with things.
    I also disagree with the myth that ‘you must change your appearance in order to find love’. I think that part of loving someone is fully accepting who they are and their flaws. Also, you should never have to change who you are for ANYONE. You are who you are. It’s what makes you unique. Part of loving someone is loving them from the inside and outside, as well as accepting who they are, and who they’ve been in the past.
    Relationships do require work. A lot of work. Again, no relationship is perfect and there will be barriers and struggles along they way in a couple’s relationship. whether that’s a normal relationship or marriage. But because of their strong love for each other, a couple will never give up on each other and will try and help each other to get through the difficulties they are going through. Also, they should make time to spend together to connect with each other.
    Finally, I disagree with the myth of ‘the one’. Because I’ve learnt that you may fall in love many times in your lifetime and always jump to the conclusion that this person is ‘the one’. After all, nowadays teenagers tend to fall in love quite easily with someone in school due to a crush they have. But in reality they won’t be with this particular person for the rest of their lives as they will get introduced to new, different people as they go on in their lives e.g college, university and adulthood. On the other hand, if being with your first true love in high school is the case for you, they do say you’ll never forget your first love and therefore possibly your feelings for that one person never really goes away.


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