Time to Talk Thursday

What is Time To Talk Day? Time To Talk Day is a day to discuss mental health problems and raise awareness. It was set up four years ago (2013) in the belief that people talking and sharing their experiences can change others’ attitudes. It is organised by Time to Change, a campaign led by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness.


When is Time to Talk Day? It is on the first Thursday in February, which happens to be today! This year’s theme is Conversations Change Lives. We should all be interested in as mental health problems affect one in four people, yet many are reluctant to talk about them. Thirty-eight per cent of people with mental health problems say they’ve been negatively treated as a result of stigma so it is something nobody should ignore.

The charity Time to Change does a huge amount of work to help mental health and has some thought provoking videos which remind people to not laugh or joke about people’s mental health. Their website has advice on people you can contact if you’re experiencing mental health problems and need urgent support. At school you can speak to your form tutor, teachers and student services.



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