Super Bowl 51 – a spectacular show

Adverts by Coca-Cola  and Budweiser; an amazing half time performance by Lady Gaga; and a thrilling final catch to swing the game to the Patriots. A spectacular show!


Lady Gaga is no stranger to our RE lessons with year 9 students studying the Lady Gaga video for her song Judas for all the religious symbolism. We also know her for all the work she does for LGBT+ rights. At the Super Bowl she mainly sang the choruses from her hit songs but when it came to her 2011 hit, “Born This Way,” she again offered another clear message of acceptance by choosing to sing lyrics from a verse towards the end of the song: “No matter gay, straight, or bi, Lesbian, transgendered life/I’m on the right track baby/I was born to survive.”

Coca-Cola’s advert won praise from many for its multli-lingual singalong advert which emphasised the multicultural nature of the USA, whereas Budweiser was both praised and criticised for its story of how Adolphus Busch moved to the US from Germany in the 1850s and then co-founded the Anheuser-Busch company. The company maintains that it is not intended to be a political statement, and that it has been in progress since well before the US election in November last year. This didn’t stop Trump supporters sending out the call to #BoycottBudweiser.
But if all you want out of the Super Bowl is the sport: here’s the Edelman catch right at the end!

4 thoughts on “Super Bowl 51 – a spectacular show

  1. Despite what Lady Gaga and the companies say I think that all of their messages were politically motivated. Lady Gaga clearly feels strongly about equal rights and she probably feels the President Trump will not try to create equal rights, therefore she wants to send out a message that not everyone in America thinks like Trump.


  2. I’ve seen how some people have called the Budweiser advert “anti-American” due to the fact that Busch immigrated to the US (some say illegally, but the ad shows otherwise) but I completely disagree. Busch achieved what many consider the “American dream” of coming up from nothing and making a living for himself. Budweiser, although not based in America, still creates millions of jobs for people in the US and I think calling the advert “Anti-American” and calling for a boycott of the brand harms American values more than anything.


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