Free Range become Barn Eggs

We’re reported on this before but with Year 8 students currently starting a unit on creation, the environment and animal rights (Genesis), it is timely to see the story about free range eggs having to be re-labelled ‘housed in barns’ because bird flu is keeping them indoors (well the farmers are!).

The British Free Range Producers Association (BFREPA) said keeping chickens inside was a ‘necessary step’. Its chief executive Robert Gooch said: ‘The risk of infection is from wild migratory birds who are leaving cold weather feeding grounds and could head to the UK, carrying with them the potential to bring the H5N8 strain to our shores.

‘It would be devastating for a British producer to have to go through the heartbreak of seeing their entire flock wiped out by this virus as we have already seen in continental Europe.’

Mr Gooch added: ‘Housing birds presents significant challenges to free range egg producers but they understand that it is important to reduce the risk of AI spreading.

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