Without God something bad could have happened

Francis Kone is a player from the Togo national side that has four times saved the life of a fellow footballer. He currently plays for Slovacko in the Czech Republic, and just over a week ago when two players clashed heads, he managed to stop one of them choking on his tongue.konefrancis1-300x258

“The jaw was locked tight, but I had to make sure he had not swallowed his tongue. The clock was ticking. A couple of his team-mates came in and helped, moving him over on to his side, which you have to do to make sure the airways are clear, and I eventually prised his teeth apart and pulled the tongue back. It was slippery with the saliva and at some point he actually bit me, the jaws clamping back down, but it doesn’t matter. It was all over in a few seconds, and when the goalkeeper actually tried to say something I knew he was going to be fine. That’s when I got up and walked away.”


If Francis Kone has inspired you to learn some First Aid then the St John Ambulance have lots of step by step advice on their website as well as short snappy videos on their YouTube channel. The other useful YouTube channel is done by the Red Cross called Everyday First Aid.

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