Sexism in the Media

What causes people to be prejudice? You might answer with propaganda; family and peers; ignorance; scapegoats; nationalism; fear of outsiders; education; socialisation; and the media.

media fault

This is something to keep in mind when looking at the Daily Mail’s headline today about the meeting of Theresa May (British Prime Minister) and Nicola Sturgeon (the Scottish First Minister) where they discussed Brexit and the Scottish desire to have another independence referendum:

legs it

Plenty of newspapers have reported outcry at the sexist Daily Mail headline which focused on two female leaders legs rather than the serious political debate. Under the headline, “Never mind Brexit, who won Legs-it!” and alongside a photo of the two leaders sitting down for talks at a Glasgow hotel, the paper wrote: “It wasn’t quite stilettos at dawn…”

Ms Morgan, a former secretary of state for education and minister for women and equalities, tweeted in reaction: “Seriously? Our two most senior female politicians are judged for their legs not what they said #appallingsexism”.

She told BBC Radio 5 live the Mail’s coverage was: “Deliberately provocative, and deliberately demeaning. How the prime minister deals with it is entirely a matter for her,” she said, but added: “You’ve got two very senior female politicians who are discussing weighty issues and this is what a national newspaper thinks is appropriate.”

The BBC reports how the Daily Mail responded to its critics by saying “get a life”. What do you think? Is this sexism in the media and could it influence the public on how we look at females in positions of leadership and power?

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