Negative Mass means you push it and it accelerates towards you

The Physical Review Letters Journal is reporting on an amazing research paper by scientists who’ve created Negative Mass allowing something which is pushed to then accelerate towards you, thereby breaking Isaac Newton’s Second Law of Motion. A short article in the BBC explains how by cooling rubidium atoms to just above the temperature of absolute zero (close to -273C), created what’s known as a Bose-Einstein condensate. Then in this state with particles moving extremely slowly, and following behaviour predicted by quantum mechanics, they acted like waves. They also synchronised and moved together in what’s known as a superfluid, which flows without losing energy.


To create the conditions for a negative mass, the researchers had used lasers to trap the rubidium atoms and to kick them back and forth, changing the way they spun. When the atoms were released from the laser trap, they expanded, with some displaying negative mass.

Isaac Newton the man who changed the way the look at the universe:


AS Religious Studies Revision for Ethics

It is quite hard to find appropriate past exam questions for you to have a peek at, so the ones included below are useful but the marks per question are slightly different to what WJEC currently use on the legacy paper (part ‘a’ will be 30 marks and part ‘b’ will be 15 marks for you next summer).

  1. natural-law
  2. utilitarianism-and-embryo-ivf
  3. christian-ethics-and-situation-ethics

More relevant to the WJEC course is a list of previous exam questions for the Ethics paper… as-ethics-past-paper-qs … I wonder which exam paper we’ll do for the Mock?!

I really like the following flow chart revision pages for the main points from the Ethics paper:

Penultimate item for today; we have some ethics revision worksheets: ethics-summary-sheets. I have left the last few pages which ethical issues such as abortion and euthanasia as you’ll need to refer to ethical issues when judging the success of ethical arguments. Moreover by know those issues at AS level you’ll surely blast the GCSE out of the water!

Last but not least we have a page of the YouTube clips we used in our RE Ethics lessons in September and October. They might be a starting point for your own YouTube aided study.ethics-youtube-clips-for-class

Happy revising!

AS Religious Studies Starting Your Revision

Today is just a start – there will be plenty more revision resources for the AS Religious Studies students as the school holiday progresses.

There are plenty of games you can play on the RS Revision Website to practise your knowledge of Utilitarianism, Situation Ethics and Natural Law. The same website also have basic information and links to the Philosophy part of the AS Level. All of our ethical theory is also laid out with links for further reading and thinking.

YouTube has some useful revision power points/ videos which can help you with an overview of the topics both from Ethics or for Philosophy you might start with Design/ Teleological Arguments or Evil and Suffering.


Consent is an enthusiastic yes not just an absence of no

When discussing consent to sex in our AS Religious Studies lesson some students were curious why there needs to be debate on what consent actually means, when people are about to have sex.

Less than a few weeks later is appears that some people really do need lessons on consent after all. “I have never been taught about anything like that” said the footballer Ched Evans in his first interview since being found innocent of rape on Friday. He was speaking about the issue of sexual consent, which became the central argument in the court proceedings that first sent him to jail but then established his innocence at a retrial. He has now told the Mail on Sunday that “in this day and age, people need educating” on the issue.

Ched Evans was a star player at Sheffield United.

Students unions at universities across Britain have been providing consent workshops for years. Alice Tithecott, from Oxford University, said: “I felt reassured by the adult and mature discussions we had surrounding matters of consent, and in particular being given the opportunity to explore different perspectives and issues regarding consent in a safe environment. I feel that this workshop was an invaluable part of freshers’ week because it creates dialogue about issues which may otherwise be considered taboo.”

The courses run by colleges and football clubs have been praised by sex education experts, although some argue the issue of consent needs to be raised much earlier in a young person’s life. A spokeswoman from Brook, the young people’s sexual health and well-being charity, said: “We believe that every young person should have these lessons at school and from a young age.”

She quoted one of the young people that works with the charity, who said: “If my sex education had taught that consent is a sober, continuous, verbal, and enthusiastic Yes rather than just the absence of a No, I might not have had to assure my friend that she didn’t cheat on her boyfriend – another man raped her.”


Revision Website for old GCSE RS and AS RS

To save you time searching for a useful revision website – we’ve found one for you already!

The RS Revision Website has an abundant collection of resources for you to read, make notes on, test each other and with links to useful films too. Some of our Year 11 GCSE RS classes are currently learning about Animal Rights,  whereas I know some of our AS RS students missed out on learning about Utilitarianism in Year 10 when it got added to the course last minute. The website has all the resources you’d find on the exam board websites with the new Eduqas AS Level RS and the new AQA GCSE course too.

There is even a link to the rather generic but still useful Bitesize page!

Truetube for RE videos

Instead of searching on YouTube for RE videos to help you understand topics like the nature of God, the nature of evil, religious traditions, faith, conflict and moral decisions, why not try Truetube?

Not only has it got all these RE videos to help you but there are also topics such as jobs and money, health and body, relationships and the global.


One of their newest films is a short drama sketch which explains the difference between Shia and Sunni Muslims.