AS Religious Studies Revision for Ethics

It is quite hard to find appropriate past exam questions for you to have a peek at, so the ones included below are useful but the marks per question are slightly different to what WJEC currently use on the legacy paper (part ‘a’ will be 30 marks and part ‘b’ will be 15 marks for you next summer).

  1. natural-law
  2. utilitarianism-and-embryo-ivf
  3. christian-ethics-and-situation-ethics

More relevant to the WJEC course is a list of previous exam questions for the Ethics paper… as-ethics-past-paper-qs … I wonder which exam paper we’ll do for the Mock?!

I really like the following flow chart revision pages for the main points from the Ethics paper:

Penultimate item for today; we have some ethics revision worksheets: ethics-summary-sheets. I have left the last few pages which ethical issues such as abortion and euthanasia as you’ll need to refer to ethical issues when judging the success of ethical arguments. Moreover by know those issues at AS level you’ll surely blast the GCSE out of the water!

Last but not least we have a page of the YouTube clips we used in our RE Ethics lessons in September and October. They might be a starting point for your own YouTube aided study.ethics-youtube-clips-for-class

Happy revising!

With Newborns being Handed Over in Car Parks There are Calls to Change Surrogacy Laws

The number of babies born through surrogacy has risen, due to improvements in fertility technology and the reduced stigma about non-traditional families. Some 214 surrogate babies were registered with the courts in 2014-15, up from 138 in 2011-12.

Surrogate births are governed by the 1985 Surrogacy Arrangements Act, which bans commercial payments and requires a six-week period immediately after a baby is born before parties can apply to the courts for a formal transfer of parental rights. Campaigners and lawyers argue such rules are now outdated. The Government has said that reforms to the surrogacy law could be introduced by 2020.

But for now new mothers are getting upset at how they are being forced to hold their new children in such sterile conditions as the hospital car park. One new mother described how “[Hospital staff] took us off the premises. They got the surrogate’s husband to come and escort us out. He physically carried the baby out of the hospital and handed us the baby in the car park. It seems hospitals don’t want to take any responsibility in case a legal dispute occurs and it has happened on their territory so they’re liable.”

She explained: “We felt like we were stealing a baby. It put a huge strain on everything. There’s an overwhelming sense you’ve done something wrong by having a child through surrogacy. We’re good law-abiding people and we were treated like we’d done something wrong. I felt incredibly vulnerable.”

An interesting link to this story is the recent BBC Scotland documentary by Alex Jones entitled Fertility and Me which sets out the statistics on infertility as well as the emotional turmoil couples feel when they don’t get pregnant as quickly or easily as they hope.


AS Religious Studies Starting Your Revision

Today is just a start – there will be plenty more revision resources for the AS Religious Studies students as the school holiday progresses.

There are plenty of games you can play on the RS Revision Website to practise your knowledge of Utilitarianism, Situation Ethics and Natural Law. The same website also have basic information and links to the Philosophy part of the AS Level. All of our ethical theory is also laid out with links for further reading and thinking.

YouTube has some useful revision power points/ videos which can help you with an overview of the topics both from Ethics or for Philosophy you might start with Design/ Teleological Arguments or Evil and Suffering.


Another useful website with GCSE RS Revision resources for our AQA Morality Mock

Remembering that these are our Mock topics for the Morality RS paper:

  1. Matters of Life
  2. Elderly and Death
  3. Drug Abuse
  4. Crime and Punishment

You can use the excellent Goffs School website for their revision notes on these AQA topics. Just make sure you only revise the 4 topics we’ve chosen to study at WCSC!

Revising for your Morality Mock Exam

Keep an eye out over the coming week as more and more resources and information is posted on here to help you prepare for your GCSE Mock Exam in late November.

Ms Strachan posted numerous articles which will help you revise and learn about IVF, transplants, euthanasia, drugs, crime, and capital punishment on her previous wordpress: Just type into the search engine the topic you want to revise, or GCSE, and numerous articles should pop up. At her previous school they did Edexcel rather than AQA exam board so some of the references to units or sections won’t be quite right but the facts and knowledge will be!

These are the topics you’ll need for the Morality Mock exam:

  1. Matters of Life
  2. Elderly and Death
  3. Drug Abuse
  4. Crime and Punishment

On the exam paper there are 6 topics, but you only need to answer 4 (phew) and we’ve chosen the first 4 of the exam paper to keep things straightforward for you.

If you want to look at past exam papers and other information about the course check out AQA’s website. The past paper you’ll be interested is Unit 3 Morality and they’ve got them for 2013 – 2015.

TrueTube has some simple short videos which you can revise from:

I’ve checked out YouTube too:

  1. It might be an OCR video but it discusses what IVF is
  2. 8 minutes of questionable music choice and speedy facts about Elderly and Death
  3. For 8 minutes a teacher talks through the Drug Abuse part of an exam paper.
  4. Crime and Punishment 45 seconds

Below are links to three useful revision guides for three of our topics:

  1. We’re missing topic 1 sorry
  2. revision-guide-elderly-death-2014
  3. revision-guide-on-religious-attitudes-drug-abuse
  4. revision-notes-on-crime-and-punishment

And finally, if you didn’t believe me when I repeatedly said how important the 6 mark statement response question is then why not watch another RE teacher banging on about answering it with religious arguments!

Please leave a comment if you are finding these links useful and you’d like more of the same. Or more importantly if you’d like different revision resources get in contact.