About RE and PSHCE in Surrey and London

We hope you don’t just learn in the classroom but also in your time outside school. This page gives you ideas on places to visit in Surrey and London to help you in your RE and PSHCE learning.



7 thoughts on “About RE and PSHCE in Surrey and London

  1. Very helpful websites with a variety of articles and videos which will be sure to help us with our knowledge in RE exams


  2. I found these articles intriguing and I think this will help me with religious studies. I also found that it helped clarify anything I didn’t understand before and helped me understand what is happening around the world.


  3. This page has helped me out a lot and provides quality information. Definitely would recommend it to anyone that needs help with religious studies


  4. This page is very informative and has benefited me a lot already, highly recommend this page to anybody that needs help with their religious studies


    • Harry, your comment isn’t enough to have completed the homework. You need to read an article and leave a comment with your opinion or summarising the main facts you’ve discovered. Just use the main page of the wordpress and scroll down for an article you’d prefer to read.


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